Big Voize

Big Voize

A tool for performing calls over the Internet from your PC
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Big Voize is a VoIP dialer application that allows you to perform calls over the Internet from your PC. The advantage of a VoIP service is that you can place long distance calls at low prices. It features balance auto-sync, real time Sip status messages, call history, and more.

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  • Question: How do I register in Big Voize?

    Big Voize is just a VoIP/SIP dialer, which means you will need a server IP address and username/password to log-in. These details are used in Asia and Eastern countries. However, you can contact the developer of Big Voize to learn how to obtain access to the service:

    App's official page:

  • Question: How to register Big Voize?

    Services or apps like Big Voize don't allow you to register an account. Instead, you have to buy a pre-paid card in order to log-in with an operator code, ID, and password. The information can be obtained from local re-sellers in your country (available in certain regions only). You can also contact the developer of the app using the following email: He should tell you where to buy those pre-paid cards.

  • Question: I'm not able to recharge or continue calls. What should I do to recharge my account?

    There is no information about how you can recharge the balance on its official webpage, even on the Internet. The safest method to recharge your account is to contact the developers at: and ask them about this problem.

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